Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ah, how sweet it is . . .

After all the turmoil, the hub-bub and the frustration in politics state, national and in the world, it is so nice to wake up in your own home town to find that the candidate who won the special election for the City Council overwhelmingly captured the seat she sought --cleanly, modestly and humble.

In years of focusing on the political scene since the days of FDR, it is especailly sweet to find that the lady who knocked on your door in her first campaign less than a year ago had swum through the mud of politics-as-usual and emerged far above the heap of 10 candidates -- unscathed.

My being a veteran of covering the bitter election wars as a newspaper reporter, you can't imagine the glow you feel when you finally have the opportunity to take sides actively, post a "WE WANT MACKIN" sign on your front lawn, and join the cheering throng on election night, shouting, "WE WANT MACKIN!"

Shari Mackin is real, not a figment of imagination. Oceanside, California, isn't exactly a litle town, with a seething population of 170,000.


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